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Travel Tips: Tourism Solomons

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Some crucial ideas to guide you with on your journey to Solomons.
Observe custom-mades

Solomon Islanders have an abundant culture that includes observing many conventional “kastoms”, varying from province to province. Please inquire about proper behavior as well as constantly ask permission before taking pictures of individuals or locations.
Purchasing and enjoyment

Neighborhood artefacts, mementos, clothes, local food and also beverages can all be carried out in Honiara. Ensure you do not miss the Central Market!

There are likewise a couple of shops and local markets in Gizo in the Western Province, Taro in Choiseul and Auki in the Malaita Province.

Significant hotels give amusement with social efficiencies on specific evenings of the week. Clubs like Factor Cruz Luxury Yacht Club and also the Captains Bar in the Pacific Casino Resort, in Honiara, welcome visitors for beverages as well as light meals.
Safety and security

The Solomon Islands is a very safe destination. The people are very inviting and also friendly as well as keen to share their way of living with visitors.

Just like the majority of areas, however it is practical to avoid travelling alone late in the evening. Take into consideration taking a taxi or travelling in groups.

Pick-pocketing, though seldom, may be run into in hectic neighborhood market locations. Merely use common sense and also avoid keeping budgets and also other belongings in sight and make certain purses are shut.

Market goods are normally rather economical so try maintaining the small modification you will require in a different handbag or pocket to prevent searching with budgets and/or getting big packages of costs.
Outfit code

Casual lightweight clothes is appropriate, including comfortable footwear. However, while beachwear serves at the beach– and resorts and resorts– change into something better when out shopping in towns or checking out towns.

Periodically, a light sweatshirt might be handy for those unusual amazing nights.
Health and wellness

The main public health center remains in Honiara with smaller sized facilities in the significant provincial centres. Exclusive clinics are likewise located in Honiara.

Malaria medication is advised as is insect repellent and also sleeping under an insect net, especially in remote areas.

It is not recommended to drink the faucet water. Boil it first. Mineral water is additionally readily available.
When to take a trip

May to October is when rainfall, moisture and also temperature level are at their cheapest nevertheless cooling down ocean breeze assist moderate temperature levels on the coast throughout the year.
Internet and also phones

The Solomons has a modern-day phone network as well as web services are offered. Phone cards and also wifi cards can be bought throughout the significant centres as well as the bigger hotels have wifi hotspots. Check with your phone company to see if they supply mobile roaming in the Solomon Islands.

The currency made use of in the Solomon Islands is the Solomon Islands dollar (SBD) and also foreign money exchanges are readily offered. In 2015, 1 Singapore dollar is equivalent to around 16 Australian cents but we suggest examining current currency exchange rate.

These are the primary industrial banks, ANZ, BSP, Bred Bank and Pan Oceanic Bank. ANZ, BSP, Bred Financial institution as well as POB operate ATM MACHINE cash equipments in Honiara.

All business financial institutions in Honiara, Auki as well as Gizo manage fx and there are additionally money exchange services available at Honiara International Airport.

Several of the resorts as well as hotels around the nation will approve American Express, Mastercard as well as Visa bank card, however not all so it may deserve inspecting initially.

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